X-WEID and Organization WEID Registry

This is a special WEID/OID Registration Authortity and Repository.

Current status: TEST/Experiments

WEID Homepage


Registrable Class C WEIDs:

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oidplus:system | System
oidplus:home | Home
oid: | Object Identifier (OID)
x500dn: | X.500 Distinguished Name
circuit: | Circuit Definition
pen: | IANA Enterprise Numbers
service: | Services
uri: | URI objects
web+fan: | web+fan:// [#@resources]
oidplus:login | Login
oidplus:whois | OID-IP / WHOIS
oidplus:com.viathinksoft.freeoid | Register a free OID
oidplus:search | Search
oidplus:resources | Documents and Resources
oidplus:contact | Contact administrator